Dr. Čedomir Radović, Senior Research Associate
+381(0)11/2691-611; +381(0)64/8291-225

Assistant Director of Science
Dr. Milan P. Petrović, Principal Research Fellow
+381(0)11/3133-832; +381(0)64/82912-22

Assistant Director of Technological Development
Aleksandar Stanojković, Research Associate
+381(0)11/2670-121 лок. 222; +381(0)64/169-7919

Assistant Director of General Affairs
Slavko Maletić, grad.econ.
+381(0)11/3133-837; +381(0)64/8291-200


Head of the Department of Cattle Breeding and Genetics
Dr. Dušica Ostojić Andrić, Research Associate

Head of the Department of Sheep and Goat Breeding and Genetics
Dr. Dragana Ružić-Muslić, Principal Research Fellow
+381(0)11/2670-121, ext. 125

Head of the Department of Pig Breeding and Genetics
Dr. Čedomir Radović, Senior Research Associate
+381(0)11/3133-831 +381(0)64/8291-225

Head of the Department of Poultry Science
Dr. Zdenka Škrbić, Principal Research Associate
+381(0)11/2670-121, ext..223

Head of the Department of Feed Science

Dr. Vesna S. Krnjaja, Principal Research Fellow

+381(0)11/2670-121, ext. 220; +381(0)64/8291-243

Department of Animal Source Foods Science and Technology

+381(0)11/2670-121 ext. 228

Head of the Laboratory of Chemistry and Microbiology

Gordana Marinkov, grad. chem.

+381(0)2670-121, ext. 230; +381(0)64/8291-228


Head of Commercial and Marketing Operations
Mihajlo Vorkapić, grad. eng.
+381(0)11/3192-692; +381(0)64/8291-212


Specialist for Livestock Production

(pig, poultry, cattle, sheep)

Saša Pejčić, grad.eng.


Specialist for Field Crop Production, Maintenance, Mechanization and Exploitation of  Machinery

Milan Blažić, grad.eng.


Chief Technologist in the Experimental Slaughterhoose

Ružica Micić, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


Management – Institute for Animal Husbandry Top