Institute for Animal Husbandry, Belgrade-Zemun, is a scientific research institution specializing in the field of animal production, in many ways unique to our country in its field.

Institute for Animal Husbandry was founded in 1948, by The Decree of the Government of the Federal Peoples Republic of Yugoslavia on the establishment of the Federal Institute of Animal Husbandry and since 1952, by The Decision of the Government of Serbia it is working under the current name. The Institute is accredited research and development institution. The Headquarters of the Institute is in Belgrade (Zemun).
The main activity of the Institute is research work in the field of bio-technical sciences in order to improve production and products of all species of farm animals. The core business/operation/activity of the Institute has not changed since the establishment. Research and the results obtained in the field of animal genetics, selection, breeding, physiology, reproduction, nutrition, animal feed production technology and animal products processing usually are “transformed” into new technologies, of which many have been accepted and applied in practice. Institute of Animal Husbandry, since 2003 is the authorized Head organization for selection and animal recording of breeding livestock in Serbia.

Institute for Animal husbandry is in many ways a unique institution in the country which has for several years maintained a high reputation in science and agriculture of Serbia. Its present and future role is best summed up in the mission and vision of the Institute.


Research and development of animal husbandry and food production, open house of knowledge for all the in science, education and the economy in need of advice, training, or partner in the field of science in which we are engaged.


Institute of Animal Husbandry – staffed and modern research and development institution focused on the future, which can meet any challenge with its multidisciplinary approach and demonstrates the innovation in practice at the Experimental centre.

To achieve these goals the team work is employed by scientific departments, accredited Laboratory of Chemistry and Microbiology, Laboratory of Meat and Egg Quality, Laboratory of Mycotoxicological Testing, the Experimental centre – unique in Serbia, “outdoor laboratory” that provides research and development in production of healthy, biologically high-value food from the farm/land (300 acres) through farming/rearing of farm animals (6 experimental farms for research in cattle, swine, sheep, poultry production), to the finished product on our tables (Experimental slaughterhouse – production of fresh meat and meat products). Two laboratories are currently in the development – Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, and, in collaboration with colleagues from Japan in the JICA project, research Laboratory of the Biogas Production Research from agricultural by-products and food industries. Investigations are in progress in the area of ecology and good agricultural practices, protection of indigenous breeds of livestock, production of functional foods, genomics and other current topics in the series of domestic and international projects and cooperation with partners.

In fact, we are already looking for adequate responses to face the challenges of 21st century. Join us.

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