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Principles and Methods of Genetic Improvement of Domestic Animals

Dr. Milan P. Petrović, Dr. Vlada Pantelić,
Dr. Violeta Caro Petrović
Publisher: Institute for Animal Husbandry, Belgrade – Zemun 
Belgrade, 2018


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Biology and Technics of Small Ruminants Breeding

Dr. Milan P. Petrović, Dr. Zoran Ž. Ilić,
Dr. Violeta Caro Petrović 
Publisher: Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,
Balkan Scientific Center, Belgrade
Belgrade, 2018


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Modern Selection of Farm Animals

Dr. Milan P. Petrović, Dr. Vlada Pantelić
Publisher: Institute for Animal Husbandry, Belgrade – Zemun
Belgrade, 2015


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Sheep and Goat Breeding – Biology and technic of small ruminant breeding

Dr. Milan P. Petrović, Dr. Zoran Ž. Ilić, Dr. Violeta Caro Petrović
Publishers: Institute for Animal Husbandry, Belgrade – Zemun, University of Pristina, Faculty of Agriculture – Lesak
Belgrade, 2013


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Goat Breeds

Dr. Nurgin Memiši and Dr. Miroslav Žujović

Publisher: Institute for Animal Husbandry, Belgrade-Zemun
Belgrade, 2012

Monograph “Goat Breeds” is unique to this region and no doubt is one of the most interesting ventures in this field. The readers are literally presented the “world of goats” in a very systematic way. This book does not present the technology of farming of goats, but it is a higher level or upgrade, in a way that it provides to the specialist reader, student, farmer, look towards the biodiversity of goats globally. That way, someone who knows something about goats, using the book can make various comparisons, to meet the geographic spread/distribution of goat breeds and their genetic potential, to realize, how certain breeds in modest climatic conditions may yield more than those in the rich natural environment and  realize that old biological rule that two plus two is not always four or in the language of genetics, the phenotype is the result of genotype and environment (P = G+ E). To understand, how goats are not “poor men cow” but precious animals that can, even in marginal resources, provide quality products and make good money …

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dr Miroslav Žujović, dr Zorica Tomić, dr Dragana Ružić-Muslić, mr Zorica Nešić
PUBLISHER: Institute For Animal Husbandry, Belgrade-Zemun
Belgrade, 2008

In 12 chapters,on total of 96 pages B5 format,authors: dr Miroslav Žujović, dr Zorica Tomic, dr Dragana Ruzic – Muslic and mr Zorica Nesic have presented a concise, yet detailed problem in goat farming in this country, and at the same time offered a variety of solutions for same. The goat has for decades been not only neglected, but anathematized politically, as it is directly tied to a backward, extensive and opposite to the goals of that time. However, changes in the last decades in our country, as well as increase of attention focused on goat farming development in Europe, and have enabled that this animal species, domesticated thousands of years ago, finally gets its rightful place in our agricultural sector. Simultaneously with new capabilities and needs, there was the problem of the deficit of local expertise and professionals to enable rapid development and compensation of all neglected in this sector. The current foreign literature in a number of cases is useless for our requirements because of their specificity. For this reason, the only right solution can be offered by local experts who have years and decades of professional engagementin this issue, and that the number of scientific papers published at home and abroad, as well as work in the field, in practice, showed and proved as experts in goat farming. The special value of this material, which must be highlighted is the fact that the above-mentioned authors are not engaged in only some segments of these issues, but overall, comprehensive aspect.

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Milan P. Petrović

Publisher: Institute for Animal Husbandry, Belgrade-Zemun
Belgrade, 2007

“….. due to lack of domestic technical and scientific literature in the field of sheep breeding, it was my moral obligation to write this book. My message contained in the text of the monograph, was not only to “capture farmer’s hand” and show what and how to do things, but to direct to the right way of thinking and planning of sheep production, according to the sustainability standards of today. Simply put, this book should be seen as a guide to the modern trends of production and management in the sheep, which will eventually unlock the door to success. The book aims to help those who opt for the successful breeding of sheep, regardless of whether they already have sheep or are beginners in the business. Also, useful information in this material can find not only the students, but also professionals, zootechnical and veterinary experts, who have an urge to learn more about sheep breeding … “(excerpt from the foreword by the author)

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Mis Sheep

Dr. Milan P. Petrović
Publisher: Institute for Animal Husbandry, Belgrade – Zemun
Belgrade, 2006


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