Goat Breeds

Dr. Nurgin Memiši and Dr. Miroslav Žujović

Publisher: Institute for Animal Husbandry, Belgrade-Zemun
Belgrade, 2012

Monograph “Goat Breeds” is unique to this region and no doubt is one of the most interesting ventures in this field. The readers are literally presented the “world of goats” in a very systematic way. This book does not present the technology of farming of goats, but it is a higher level or upgrade, in a way that it provides to the specialist reader, student, farmer, look towards the biodiversity of goats globally. That way, someone who knows something about goats, using the book can make various comparisons, to meet the geographic spread/distribution of goat breeds and their genetic potential, to realize, how certain breeds in modest climatic conditions may yield more than those in the rich natural environment and  realize that old biological rule that two plus two is not always four or in the language of genetics, the phenotype is the result of genotype and environment (P = G+ E). To understand, how goats are not “poor men cow” but precious animals that can, even in marginal resources, provide quality products and make good money …

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